Miro-SIlver material from Alanod adds efficiency to lighting

Oct. 16, 2009
Date Announced: 16 Oct 2009 When selecting the most energy efficiency light fixtures, facilities managers can now also choose to improve the room’s quality of light. In a significant advancement in light fixture design, ALANOD Aluminum (www.alanod.com) introduces a new material, called MIRO- SILVER reflective aluminum. MIRO allows light fixture manufactures to substantially increase the energy efficiency of a fixture while enhancing the light’s quality and color. Facility managers should specify MIRO when ordering light fixtures from their supplier. In energy efficient lighting, a better reflective system can add 25% efficiency. MIRO-SILVER is the most highly reflective material available for commercial lighting fixtures. MIRO-SILVER is also highly specular, and therefore directs light only where needed. Especially designed for today’s more sophisticated T8 and T5 fluorescent as well as LED fixtures, MIRO-SILVER has a 98% reflectivity rating, reflecting nearly all available light. And excellent neutral color reflection.

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