NeuesLicht presents Dropled: Saving energy drop for drop

Oct. 30, 2009
Date Announced: 30 Oct 2009 -- A luminaire created by stunningly innovative Technology, yet enriched with natural elegance. Have you ever watched a drop of dew, as the first light touched its surface at the break of day? As simple and beautiful as that very dewdrop, the new series “Dropled” by the German manufacture neuesLicht presents itself.“The moment a drop of dew catches the first light of day, illuminating its fragile outline, then losing its connection from a leaf, just about to fall to the ground and shatter into a myriad of sparkling crystals, ” was the key inspiration for designer Simon Brünner, commenting on his first ideas of creating a new light. “It was my goal to catch a tiny trickle of that moment and conserve its natural beauty.” Brünner points out. This drop, cast into crystal glass, makes up the lense of the luminaire. Unlike a drop of water catching rays of light, yet unable to reproduce itself, the “Dropled” thanks to LED lighting beams light out of its crystal corpus creating a magical effect equalling its natural archetype. By creating the “DropLed” series, Brünner came up with a new range of products, not only enriched by their optical appearance and high functionality, but also meeting modern ecologic standards.“DropLed” is equipped with a state-of-the-art LED technique realised by Phillips. These LEDs on one hand create a very warm and natural atmosphere and on the other side only consume the bare minimum of energy. The crystal globes, focusing the rays of light in a constant angle of 40 degrees, are available in two different variations:The clear variation sprays the light in circles onto the floor, the ceiling, the walls or tables – just perfect not only for spatial illumination, but also for the accentuation within rooms.The frosted version illuminates the bowl itself and by doing so produces a soft atmosphere. The choice between these different techniques enables the user to either create a soft illumination within a room or to put emphasis on special parts of the interior. The Dropled is available for 249€.“DropLed” is available as a wall and pendant version and can be ordered in various arrangements. One RGB-version has already been realised in a Swedish wellness-hotel.“By producing in Germany we are able to react swiftly and flexibly to our customers demands”, Brünner explains. “ Dropled was not designed as a static line of products, but as a lighting element that can be integrated into the individual planning in very creative and flexible ways.”Simon Brünner already aroused curiosity in the design world as well as the interested public by presenting his first luster “Scintilla”, a modern variation of the classic chandelier. Following this debut feature he was invited to the “Salone” in Milano/Italy, one of Europe’s most renowned design expositions. Together with his brother Roman he founded the manufacture neuesLicht in the year of 2006, in Erlangen, Bavaria, Germany. Besides creating innovative chandeliers, using fibre optic technology and a very clear design language, neuesLicht has also produced exclusive single pieces which are now on display at the “European museum for modern glass” or in the Hilton in Frankfurt.

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