City of Sydney trials GE Evolve LED area lights

Oct. 29, 2009
Date Announced: 29 Oct 2009 The City of Sydney are trialling LED technology for public area and street lighting at several landmark sites in the city CBD.Switched on Innovations were successful in being selected to participate in this trial and are the first company to install LED fixtures in Martin Place. G&B Services were the installers GE Evolve Area Lights have been installed on existing light poles in Martin Place immediately west of Castlereagh St. A total of 12 LED light fittings were installed with asymmetric and symmetric light distribution to meet the specified AS/NZS1158 lighting code category P6 with existing pole spacing of up to 22 metres. The photograph shows excellent vertical illumination evident in the clarity of the pedestrians features. Facial recognition is excellent which was an important criteria in meeting the City of Sydney’s CCTV requirements. Horizontal illumination of the pavement is also excellent helping to ensure clear visibility of steps or obstacles. Overall the LED lighting provides a better and safer environment for the pedestrians and energy savings of approx 40% and maintenance savings for the City of Sydney compared to the orginal metal halide solution.

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