Luxeon Rebel LEDs for the automotive industry will spur new designs and energy savings

Oct. 30, 2009
Date Announced: 30 Oct 2009 San Jose, California – Philips Lumileds has announced broad release of its white automotive rated LUXEON Rebel LEDs. Intended for use in automotive applications such as daytime running lamps, position lamps, backup lamps and interior lighting, these LUXEON Rebel parts provide superior design flexibility and are engineered and tested to exceed automotive requirements for reliability, performance, and lifetime. Each part conforms to both the SAE and ECE color specifications and has complete PPAP documentation. “The auto industry is under continuous pressure to innovate, inspire and develop more sustainable solutions, and vehicle lighting is one of those applications where the latest LUXEON LEDs can positively contribute to how people feel about their cars and how they see others on the road,” said Steve Barlow, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing at Philips Lumileds. “LUXEON Rebel enables new, unique design possibilities because of its small size and high output. The low power consumption contributes to saving millions of litres of fuel. And the rugged package is designed to function for the life of the vehicle eliminating the need to change bulbs.” For automotive lighting engineers there are many benefits including:• Simplified secondary optic design and integration• Reduced thermal management engineering• Easier assembly and integration for reduced manufacturing costsLUXEON Rebel white LEDs for automotive applications are the most recent addition to a portfolio of products including LUXEON Altilon, SuperFlux and SnapLED that have been and continue to deliver robust performance, energy savings and new design possibilities in the automotive industry. Additional information is available at the Philips Lumileds web site, or by contacting Philips Lumileds, Philips Automotive or Future Lighting Solutions.About Philips Lumileds Philips Lumileds is the world's leading provider of power LEDs for illumination solutions. The company's leading light output, efficacy and thermal management are direct results of the ongoing commitment to advancing solid-state lighting technology and enabling lighting solutions that are more environmentally friendly, help reduce CO2 emissions and reduce the need for power plant expansion. Philips Lumileds' LUXEON LEDs are enabling new solutions for shop, outdoor, office, school, and home lighting applications. More information about the company's LUXEON LED products and solid-state lighting technologies can be found at

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