Sensacell Corporation launches fully interactive LED video wall system

Oct. 9, 2009
Date Announced: 09 Oct 2009 -- With the introduction of the Sensa-Node system, Sensacell unlocks the full potential of their interactive sensor and LED modules, allowing Sensacell modules to become interactive video walls, floors, and other dramatic architectural features. Brooklyn, New York -- The Sensa-Node system seamlessly interfaces Sensacell surfaces to Cycling 74's Max/MSP/Jitter software (Max). Max is a powerful visual programming language and multi-media authoring tool; it enables rapid development of sophisticated interactive applications based on real-time manipulation of graphics, stills, video, sound files, Flash content, and much more. The Sensa-Node system interfaces Sensacell modules to Max in native Max video format, allowing all of Max's video manipulation and analysis tools to be used to capture, process, and output interactive visual and audio content. The combination of Max and Sensacell is the ultimate tool for creating interactive LED video wall systems and interactive designs. Sensacell's integrated proximity sensor system was designed from the ground up for interactivity, becoming an exciting attribute of the installation, unleashing many previously unattainable creative possibilities. Sensacell's interactive modules eliminate many of the typical concerns in interactive design - no more shadows obscuring the image, no more dim projections overwhelmed by ambient lighting - no more finicky video camera adjustments - no more projector mounting limitations or alignment issues - no more bulb replacement. The Modular Sensacell system allows creating interactive surfaces of almost any size or shape- with every square inch detecting user interaction, dynamically responding with stunning visual output. Sensacell's modular plug-and-play system is ideal for highly integrated architectural features- thanks to Sensacell's seamless compatibility with most commonly used designer surface materials:Sensacell can be installed behind glass, plastic, resin, veneers, even wood and stone! Just about any translucent material can be transformed into an interactive experience. Sensacell is a privately held company, established in 2005.

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