Enttec introduces DINTEC line of control products

Oct. 14, 2009
Date Announced: 14 Oct 2009 Enttec Pty Ltd of Melbourne, Australia announced it has started production on a line of din rail mountable control and interface devices that have been dubbed DINTEC. These compact devices serve a variety of functions where cost, size, and functionality are key. The DINTEC line currently consists of six different modules (with more on the way) that can be used separately or in combinations to achieve whatever level of control you need for permanent and temporary applications alike.DINTEC Modules include:

  • DINTEC RS232, capable of triggering any compatible RS232 device via preprogrammed strings (up to 100) or through any other DinNet device.
    The DINTEC Input 8 can be linked to up to 8 dry open or closed contacts, which can trigger up to 40 actions.
  • Multiple iterations of each of each of these can be linked together with simple Cat5 cable and Enttec’s DinNet.
  • The DinPower unit can power multiple modules with the necessary 9-24v through the very same RJ45 connections that provide DinNet signal.
  • All of these can be programmed via Enttec’s DinTool software in conjunction with the DIN-USB programming interface.
In addition to the above models that work within the DinNet architecture, there are two more modules currently in production that involve DMX and LED applications.

  • The Din-RDS4 is a four port DMX/RDM isolated splitter capable of both distributing and isolating signals.
  • The Din-LED4PX is a 4 channel constant voltage LED driver with DMX/RDM input. This compact controller also has an "automode" in which it can execute one of several predefined color changing sequences, which makes it ideal for small permanent installation or temporary use and is ideal for small LED installations at locations such as retail stores or bars.
DinTec makes it easy for you to build a system to fit your needs – “it's like Legos [TM], simple units that you can stack together to make rather intricate designs" according to Enttec’s Jeremy Kumin.

For more information on DINTEC or any other Enttec product visit http://www.enttec.com or contact your local Enttec dealer.

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