Philadelphia's best improves lighting with LED

Oct. 18, 2009
Date Announced: 18 Oct 2009 Braxtons Animal Works was founded in 1938, Braxton's Animal Works is a third generation, family owned "institution" on the Main Line in Philadelphia. Braxtons was looking to improve the quality of light in the retail store while reducing the demand on electric and improving their efficincies. Before LED lighting they utilized 95W PAR 38 Halogen lights to light the retail space on tracks. This did not give the uniformity and light spread through out the store. Braxtons too suffered with problems of uniformity of light color throughout the store.Turning to Priority Energy, they have created a great atmosphere with no shadows or dark zones in the retail area. By using the "Dawn" (3,000 Kelvin) color of light with the 4ft LED tubes and incandescent replacements, no matter the application the light uniformity has added to the warm 'barn' atmosphere through the store. Priority Energy also was able to replace 4 highbay 400W Metal halides with 7 fixtures of the 18W LED tube, an electrical saving of 1.58kWh every hour of operation.Braxtons benefits from both the low energy consumption of the new LED fixtures and their rated lifetimes, which are significantly longer than the Halogen lights previous used. With Priority Energy utilizing the new external drivers for the 4ft tubes, Priority Energy has been able to offer tremendous warranties of 7 years, with the estimated lifetime of 80,000 hours and above, the new light sources will last for years to come at roughly 12 hours of use per day.

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