e:cue lighting control enlarges its access to IP Rights by sharing in the mutually granted rights of the OSRAM and Philips cross-license agreement

Oct. 19, 2009
Date Announced: 19 Oct 2009 Paderborn, Germany -- e:cue lighting control - an OSRAM Company - benefits from thecross licensing agreement concluded between OSRAM and Philips for LED-based technology. e:cue lighting control guarantees its customers who integrate e:cue lighting control products in luminaires (e.g. Fixture-OEMs) to be safe from any royalty payment for a taken license from Philips under the “patent licensing program for LED-based luminaires and retrofit bulbs” (also called Philips SSL Licensing Program including basic patents formerly held by Color Kinetics and TIR Systems) under the provision that exclusively Key Components (i.e. LED-module, driver, control) manufactured by e:cue or an other OSRAM Group Company are integrated in the luminaires.These may not only be operated in the field of General Illumination (Professional andResidential), but also in Architectural, Theatrical and Entertainment fields.Furthermore e:cue lighting control customers who do not integrate e:cue lighting controlproducts in luminaires are released from taking the license from Philips with regard to the use of e:cue lighting control products.In general, e:cue’s clients (Retailer, Installer, System Integrator, Distributor, End-user andOEMs) will have the following advantages under the above premises:- Royalty free access to basic LED control technology- Avoidance of expensive product clearing with regard to Philips SSL Program patents- Riskless use of e:cue and OSRAM Key components with regard to Philips SSLPatents within the defined field- Minimized operating expense with the Philips license for Fixture-OEMsThe benefits from the cross license agreement between Philips and OSRAM enables e:cue to even better serve the demands of the Solid State Lighting market, strengthening its position as global control solution provider.About e:cue lighting controle:cue lighting control – An OSRAM Company - develops state of the art control and automation solutions to deliver sustainable dynamic lighting experiences. e:cue is an industry leader in innovation with its software and hardware portfolio to provide the right lighting control solution.

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