ARC introduces LED DMX Controller ARC3010-B0

Dec. 16, 2009
Date Announced: 16 Dec 2009 -- Enhances LED Lighting performance and cost-efficiencyARC Solid-State Lighting Corp., recently introduces the ARC3010-B0, the LED DMX controller based on the DMX512 protocol to meet the customer’s requirements.It is ideal for a variety of lighting applications which depends on architecture shape, such as LED cluster, lighting wall and building…etc.ARC3010-B0 allows you to maximize this potential without the need to spend a lot of money. Customers can download and use the software completely for their demands. It has been designed to connect directly to LED fixtures of the customer and is easily integrated with other application-specific DMX drivers and converters. There is an increasing requirement for fully integrated building-wide control systems that can incorporate multiple services, including lighting, environmental and commercial applications. Like other ARC SSL products, the new DMX controller ARC3010-BO is founded on ARC’s unique technology of DMX+ to link with DMX LED lighting fixtures. Equipped with user-friendly software to edit the lighting effects, it can be customized for the various requirements.* The DMX+ is distinctive protocol registered only by ARC SSL. It supports the number of driven LED limitation up to 3072 channels and transmission rate up to 1M bps.Some of the features that ARC 3010-B0 offer to you:• Quick and easy operation of your DMX lighting fixtures• Control capacity : up to 256RGB pixels• Lighting design forms are various depend on architecture• Communication protocol with DMX512 or DMX+• Software format supported with lighting effect or animation. Application• RGB Fixture• RGB Decorative and commercial Lighting• RGB Architecture

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