SNP goes bright green for climate change

Dec. 22, 2009
Date Announced: 22 Dec 2009 UK-based video control solutions specialist SNP Productions Ltd supplied leading Danish rental company [Lite]Com A/S with their 5th Catalyst v4 PRO media server for the 'Bright Green Expo' during the recent COP15 Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark.The Bright Green Expo was the largest parallel event during the COP15 summit, uniting 170 companies from 19 countries in an exhibition environment at the Forum Exhibition Centre in Copenhagen, to show the world their cutting edge climate solutions. Catalyst was used to control all video content for a massive LED centrepiece, designed by leading Danish set and lighting/video designer, Kasper Lange. The design featured a cylindrical screen made with 310 panels of Element Labs Stealth LED screen, measuring 4 metres high and 4 metres in diameter. This was surrounded by 90 'rays' of HD VersaTUBES, each one made up of a 4 metre aluminium pipe, each rigged with 4 HD VersaTUBES, utilising a total of 360 HD VersaTUBES.SNP's Simon Pugsley was asked onboard to assist in setting up the Catalyst for the event by [Lite]Com A/S. The two companies have a relationship stretching back some 2 years, and SNP often supplies additional kit and technical expertise to their larger shows and events.Pugsley worked with [Lite]Com A/S project manager Kristian Dreier and Christian Olsson also of [Lite]Com A/S, plus a team of technicians who constructed the impressive LED sculpture onsite.An additional 100 panels of Stealth screen in a 20 tile high x 5 tile wide format was positioned at the end of the central walkway in the exhibition centre, and also fed by Catalyst with continuously scrolling exhibitor promotions.The content was developed by [Lite]Com A/S and combined a selection of Bright Green branded logos and company sponsorship idents with ambient video patterns. Pugsley and Christian Olsson programmed the Catalyst using a grandMA console, which was also used to control the rest of the lighting rig supplied by [Lite]Com A/S.The Catalyst's ‘wrap rotate’ functions and transparent effects, used to animate and overlay the sponsor logos on the stealth screens, proved extremely valuable. The biggest challenge was in creating the generic background content so that it seamlessly joined together around the cylindrical screen. Klima 09SNP also supplied [Lite]Com A/S with a fully flight-cased dual Catalyst system, a Hog iPC control desk and two engineers for the Denmark Radio COP15 Klima TV studio show. This ran simultaneously to the COP15 Conference in DR1, the national TV Studios of Denmark Radio.The rental package for the TV show included two 8core MacPro machines, complete with two Active Silicon Phoenix SDI capture cards, Solid State Drives, 24 inch LCD, Artistic Licence DataLynx ArtNet interface and a UPS - all built in to SNP's unique Catalyst system flightcase. SNP sourced 26 square metres of Barco O-Lite 510 10mm LED panels with the help of Jean-Paul de Beurges from VER in the UK. SNP engaged the services of Ian Henderson (LED) and Finn Ross (Catalyst operator) 'to make it all work' in the TV studios for director of [Lite]Com A/S, Morten Bremer Sørensen. The schedule was somewhat tight! SNP received the final confirmation at midday Wednesday and shipped everything the same day! The kit arrived on Friday, and was ready for rehearsals on the Saturday and in time for the start of the show on Sunday 13th December.Simon Pugsley comments, "We are proud to have supplied [Lite]Com A/S with their latest Catalyst media server, and work alongside them on this hugely prestigious event".SNP Contact detailsOffice: +44 (0)1908 410129Email: [email protected] Web:

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