Eurolite LED soft video display

Dec. 29, 2009
Date Announced: 29 Dec 2009 -- Eurolite's competitive marketing product for popular stage, DJ, studio, architecture and advertisement designThey were the real hit in London: the new, flexible LED curtains from Eurolite. The large crowd at Steinigke booth was obtain to the especially unique systems that know not only because of the excellent price / performance ratio. In contrast to rigid LED panels the curtains have, available in a pixel pitch of 20 - 100 mm, significant advantages. Since they can be rolled up, they are transported very compact. In addition, the low weight of the assembly considerably easier. As the curtains have different pixel spacings, also recommend different uses. Spacings from 100 mm to 37.5 mm you can use for graphic applications such as animations and backdrops. Representations in high quality you have to use the 20 mm version. To control is recommended to MADRIX software, which is also marketed by Steinigke.Here are the key features summary: * Flexible display panels with tri-color RGB LEDs (type SMD 5050) for bright and colorful projection of videos and graphics * Modular display conecpt allows the built-up of large areas, ideal for outdoor use with large viewing distances * Bendable and foldable PVC material suitable for various shapes, e.g. columns, circles, angles * Fast and uncomplicated installation, indoor and outdoor (IP 44) * Truss suspension via belts * Water-resistant and fire-retardant according to DIN 4102/B1 and BS 5852/1 * Low weight and small volume for convenient transport * Easy maintenance - LEDs can be replaced without difficulty * Controllable via optional network components and PC software * All-in-one control system T9 (80503300): network interface and software LED Show T9 - ideal system for mobile use with notebooks with 1-gigabit NIC * Control system LED studio: receiver interface (80503310), PCI sending card and software LED Studio (80503130) * Compatible to media software such as MADRIX * Switch-mode power supply * Available in different sizes and pixel pitches * Custom sizes available upon request (in 0.8 m units)

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