DiCon LED releases new LED microscope illuminators

Dec. 18, 2009
Date Announced: 18 Dec 2009 Richmond, CA -— DiCon LED announces the release of their tunable LED Microscope Illuminator, an energy-efficient replacement for traditional halogen or xenon illuminators with unprecedented programmability, for use in microscopy and machine vision applications.Harnessing the benefits of LED technology, including low energy expenditure, low power consumption, and color changing ability, the Microscope Illuminator is the ideal replacement for halogen and xenon light sources. The multi-channel capabilities of DiCon’s high-density LED array allow for instant switching between various colors or wavelength outputs to create contrast or bring out different features in specimens, such as in photo imaging and wafer inspections. Light output types include single colors, tunable white with multiple color temperatures ranging from 2500 to 6500 K, and mixed RGB. The mixed RGB or custom selected wavelengths per channel are ideal for fluorescence, eliminating the need for excitation filters required in traditional illuminators. The Microscope Illuminator surpasses any other LED illuminator in unrivaled user functionality. With the ability to adjust pre-programmed color settings and intensity level manually, or to create customized strobe effects, the user has revolutionary control over the light output. Additionally, through DiCon’s LightControl software, the user can program custom light sequences, or “Profiles” that control color, fade, modulation frequency, and duration. These “Profiles” are then accessible manually after being downloaded onto the unit or can be externally triggered for syncing with cameras and other peripheral equipment. Dynamic strobing and sequencing effects can also be programmed in real time through the USB-HID interface. From constant, single color outputs to special programming effects, the Microscope Illuminator is the ultimate light source for microscopy applications. DiCon LED will be distributing the illuminator through Edmund Optics. For more information about the Microscope Illuminators, please visit www.diconled.com/product/product_microscope_illuminator_msb.html About DiCon LEDDiCon LED is a business division of DiCon Fiberoptics. Extending 25 years of manufacturing and engineering experience in the photonics and fiber optics industries, DiCon LED specializes in developing high-density LED technology and energy-efficient illumination applications for industrial, machine vision, and microscopy applications.For more information , please visit www.diconled.com.

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