Once Innovations intends to challenge DOE Energy Star requirements for integral LED lamps

Dec. 22, 2009
Date Announced: 22 Dec 2009 PLYMOUTH, MN U.S.A. – Once Innovations, a Minnesota-based research, development and manufacturing company with a firm focus on LED technologies, announced today its intent to formally challenge newly finalized ENERGY STAR Eligibility Criteria for Integral LED Lamps. “We feel that the increase in operating frequency requirements was erroneously based on speculation about visual flicker, which has nothing to do with energy conservation. The new 150 Hz criteria will hinder the introduction of low cost, energy savings AC LED lighting solutions, which is contrary to the goals of the ENERGY STAR program,” stated Mr. Zdenko Grajcar, CEO and Chief Technology Officer at Once Innovations. Grajcar went on to state, “We stipulate that 60 Hz luminous modulation (flicker) is likely to cause certain discomfort in some people. However, the majority of low frequency AC LED systems operate in the rectified mode, which effectively doubles the luminous modulation frequency to 120Hz for 60Hz mains in the United States. "Despite many attempts, laboratory investigations have not found statistically significant effects of luminous modulation with frequencies over 100Hz on human performance, health, or comfort. "We’ve collected studies with hundreds of pages of research material that show no evidence other than speculative statistics to support claims that luminous modulation over 100Hz is visible or harmful to human health. "This change in frequencies will have a profoundly negative impact on the future of energy efficient lighting in the United States. As such, we feel we have no other choice but to challenge the DOE decision. At the same time, we strongly urge other manufacturers and users of AC LED technologies to do the same. ” Craige Thompson, Chief Legal Officer at Once Innovations, said “The last minute change to 150 Hz operating frequency raises a stumbling block to new low cost, high efficiency AC LED lighting technology, which promises tremendous energy savings potential in the U.S.Thompson went on to say, “The increase to 150 Hz appears to be arbitrary and applied in a way that discriminates against new, more efficient LED technologies in favor of other forms of light fixtures. The DOE should examine the relevant facts and articulate a rational connection between the facts and the frequency specification.” Thompson explained, “The electrical grid in the U.S. operates on 60 Hz. Therefore, rectified topologies will operate at 120 Hz modulation. Generating frequencies above 150 Hz is generally much more complex and expensive. "Before increasing the frequency requirement to 150 Hz for LED-based fixtures, the DOE should provide an opportunity for notice and comment pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act.” ###Once Innovations, Inc. is a privately held corporation that manufactures highly differentiated LED lighting using a visionary approach to research and product development - from unique designs with proprietary technologies through final production and distribution. Once was founded in 2008 by current CTO, Zdenko Grajcar, considered a pioneering rebel in LED technology for his remarkably unconventional thinking and relentless challenge to the industry status quo. The Once Innovations technology research, marketing, and product development campus is located in Plymouth, MN United States of America.

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