MultiSpot LED luminaires employed on Viking ferries

Dec. 11, 2009
Date Announced: 11 Dec 2009 Operated by the Viking Line, the 37,860 ton MS Mariella has sailed on the Helsinki to Stockholm route, carrying 2447 passengers for over 20 years.The Mariella was built as a luxury cruise ferry in 1985 and at the time of its launch was the largest car ferry in the world. With capacity for 430 cars and air conditioned cabins for up to 2500 passengers the ship offers a full range of restaurants, bars, entertainment, conference facilities and duty free shopping.After a major refit in 2006, the ship’s Cabaret and 'Fun Club' Disco have been re-equipped this year with the latest sound and lighting system. Controlled by the merged outputs of a Hog 1000 and a Zero 88 Jester, the system uses 36 MultiSpots for both stage and dance floor lighting making full use of their unique 'honeycomb lens' focussing system and rugged steel construction. Replacement of the previous PAR spots has also reduced the power requirement of the lighting system dramatically. The equipment was supplied by Multiform's Finish agent - Studiotec Oy and the installation was carried out by the Viking Line’s own in house technical team, at Nantaali dockyard in Finland , completed in September 2009. Said Jouni Sironen, Viking’s AV-co-ordinator, "The equipment is used 8 -16 hours a day, 365 days a year, and winter time is especially rough, as the ships have to go through ice, and therefore shake a lot more than in summertime."In addition to the Ms Mariella the Viking Line operates 6 other ships of which 4 more are already equipped with MultiSpot luminaires. Their latest Ferry the Viking ADCC due to be launched in 2009 will also have Multiform's rugged LED lighting installed in its leisure facilities. The Viking Line, who have just celebrated their 50th anniversary, have carried out an energy saving programme on all their ships, replacing halogen with LED luminaires. Their decision to install the MultiSpots has reduced the power requirements of the entertainment facilities by tens of kilowatts. This policy contributed towards winning the 'Finnish Quality Award 2009' given each year by 'Excellence Finland', recognizing excellence in improving the quality and competitiveness of their operations.

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