Obducat’s Sindre®400 lithography system is ready for the market

June 2, 2009
Date Announced: 02 Jun 2009 Obducat's new Sindre®400 lithography system is ready for the market. It is the world's first fully automated mass production system, largely designed for use in the production of LEDs. The first commercial system has already been ordered and the buyer is Luxtaltek, the Taiwan-based manufacturer of LEDs.The LED lights manufactured by the Sindre®400 system will be used in products such as LCD displays, instrument panels, general lighting and cars, says Patrik Lundström, CEO, Obducat. In addition to lower energy consumption compared with other types of light sources, LEDs do not contain mercury or led while at the same time featuring a lifetime five times longer than today's low energy light bulbs.With the help of Obducat's nanoimprint technology, integrated in Sindre®400, a number of important objectives are reached in the area called CleanTech - development in energy and environment aimed at reducing the use of natural resources. More specifically, it means striving for reduced power consumption, increased material efficiency as well as increased cost efficiency of environment neutral power production.Today close on 15-20% of the world's combined energy consumption is used for lighting purposes. With increased focus on technologies that keep energy consumption and CO2 emissions down, the LED industry has great potential to grow, providing opportunities for us.Ilmar Reepalu, the chairman of Malmö's municipal executive board, started Sindre®400 when it was presented to customers, media and other interested parties for the first time.Our region is a knowledge-intensive region and will continue to be so, says Ilmar Reepalu. For that reason it is important that companies take advantage of research and education within the region and make it their business to disseminate research results to the market. As a region we can then derive all the advantage from the value created by research in the form of increased export and more vacant jobs, for example.Platform with broad opportunitiesSindre®400 is the first model from the Sindre® platform. With this the first truly industrial platform, the foundation is laid for the development of future mass production systems.This is the platform on which to base a strong position during the forthcoming development of energy-efficient lighting, says Henri Bergstrand, Chairman of the Board, Obducat.In a longer-term perspective we also have the opportunity to turn to other manufacturers, since the Sindre® platform can be adapted and customer-specified now that the basic technology is in place. It can also serve as a basis for machines designed for optoelectronics and photovoltaics (solar technology). Our response time towards customers gets shorter, says Patrik Lundström.Sindre®400 is the result of Obducat's R&D efforts during the last eight years. The machine now ready for launch is based on models installed in customer plants and in use in industrial manufacturing conditions since February 2006. Sindre®400 has since been optimised and enhanced to operate 24/7.About Obducat ABObducat AB is an innovative developer and supplier of technologies, products and processes used for the production and replication of advanced micro and nano structures. Obducat’s products and services are intended to serve the demands of companies within the information storage, semiconductor, printed circuit board, and sensor industries. Obducat’s technologies include electron beam and nano imprint technology. Obducat has offices in Sweden and the UK, with the headquarters located in Malmö, Sweden. The Obducat shares are publicly traded on the Swedish NGM stock exchange.


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