LSE creates a spectacle at the Mardan Palace Hotel in Turkey

June 4, 2009
Date Announced: 04 Jun 2009 The spectacular grand opening ceremony of the five-star Mardan Palace hotel in Antalya, Turkey, drew an illustrious international presence of celebrities and press. LSE, the Belgian-based multimedia show company, worked with long-time collaborator Tara W. Smith, the Australian Creative Director of Stargrace Ltd, to create an unforgettable, 360-degree visual experience.LED technology was used during the two-day event with screens, lighting and costume enhancements.Lighting director Theo Cox explains “The main stage backdrop was created with LED panels comprising a total of 105 Martin LC2140 sections, fed by a Maxedia media server run from a Maxxyz console giving us a lot of flexibility. Advantage was taken of the transparent nature of the screen by adding lights behind to give us a greater range of effects. Flanking the stage were two 6 x 4m Barco SLite 10XP screens, used for camera relay during the concert and video presentations during the protocol ceremony.”Fountains in the pool and canal around the stage and performance area were illuminated by 36w underwater LED fixtures (2 per fountain) giving a total of 128 lights.Smith chose to use LED-enhanced costumes, “by fitting the aerialist performers costumes with battery powered LED lights, it meant we could keep the lighting and atmosphere of some of the scenes sombre whilst ensuring the performer’s visibility and dynamism,” she explained. Hand-held LED laser battons were used by the ‘Painter’ performers to conjure swirling video lines on the façade walls.The event was a high profile affair featuring presenters and performers including Sharon Stone, Richard Gere, Paris Hilton, Monica Belluci, Tom Jones and Seal. Two multi-media shows took place over the two days, the first at the Grand Inauguration on 23 May, the second the following day at the ‘Dance of the Scorpion’ Beach Party on the hotel’s Scorpion Pier. For the Grand Inauguration, Smith wanted to celebrate the historical influences, modern technology and imagination which go into creating a hotel such as the Mardan Palace. “I wanted to bring to the hotel launch a bit of soul, to breath life into the design processes and influences which bring the actual construction into being,” explains Smith.LSE’s team for the Mardan Palace Spectacular was headed by Managing Director Patrick Awouters and included Technical Director Erik Lybeer and Project Coordinator Marc Agboton.

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