TCTech Enters Partnership With Kaleido Technology

June 5, 2009
Date Announced: 05 Jun 2009 Stockholm, Sweden -- TCTech, the leading global supplier of intelligent plastic nanostructures, today announces that it has entered a partnership with Kaleido Technology of Denmark.The partnership will focus on the development of state of the art Light Guide Plates using TCTech’s proprietary patented Thermal Cyclic Technologies. Light Guide Plates are plates that lead light from light sources to displays and are widely used in e.g. computers and TV screens. Kaleido, a world leading manufacturer of lenses, mirrors and replication tools for the next-generation optics, will supply TCTech with masters for embossing and replication of micro and nanostructures in Light Guide Plates. TCTech’s revolutionary thermal cyclic technologies enable embossing of very small intelligent structures with better replication patterns and in more cost effective ways than conventional technology, along with the option to produce very large substrates. Kaleido’s proprietary diamond turning and milling technology gives unprecedented geometrical freedom and accuracy, further expanding the possibilities with TCTech’s manufacturing technologies. About TCTech: Thermal Cyclic Technologies AB (TCTech) is a global leader in the research, development and production of intelligent plastic nanostructures. The production is based on TCTech’s innovative and patented thermal cyclic moulding and pressing technology. TCTech’s three product and business areas are Light Guide Plates, Sheets & Lenses, and Photovoltaic thin film solar cells. TCTech was founded in 2005 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden.About Kaleido:Kaleido Technology ApS (Kaleido) is a world-leading manufacturer of optics thanks to its proprietary solutions for ultra-precision diamond-machining. Kaleido supplies companies around the world with leading edge tooling products.

Stefan Claesson Chief Marketing Officer, TCTech Phone:+46 8 506 560 18 or +46 709 79 30 64 Email: [email protected] Peter Karaszi Market Communication Director, TCTech Phone: +46 70 341 46 53 or +27 83 243 57 97 Email: [email protected] Dr. Palle Geltzer Dinesen Chief Sales Officer, Kaleido Technology Phone: +45 44 34 70 50 or +45 28 76 38 76 Email: [email protected]

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