Bayer MaterialScience introduces clear thermoplastic polycarbonate

June 18, 2009
Date Announced: 18 Jun 2009 Pittsburgh – Bayer MaterialScience LLC has addressed a major market need with the introduction of its new, patent-pending Makrolon® FR7087 polycarbonate resin, believed to be the first clear thermoplastic material to meet UL 94 5VA at 3mm thickness*. UL 94 is widely used in electronics as the industry standard for flammability of plastic materials and components.Aside from the new Makrolon FR7087 polycarbonate, there are extremely limited transparent material options available that meet the UL 94 5VA requirements, such as glass. While glass is prone to breaking and difficult to produce in complex shapes, the new polycarbonate resin offers the appearance of glass combined with the renowned impact strength and moldability of Makrolon polycarbonate, making it ideal for demanding lighting and electrical applications. The new product has very good light transmission (close to 90 percent at 3mm) while having around 1 percent haze.Makrolon FR7087 polycarbonate resin may also provide a system cost reduction benefit. Selecting materials that meet UL 94 5VA can potentially eliminate the need to electrically isolate components from non-flame-retardant clear materials or the need to separately test the final component for UL listing. For example, using Makrolon FR7087 polycarbonate resin where transparency is needed in a lighting or electronic application can reduce the total number of components from several to just one. “Many companies have been waiting a long time for a transparent material with a UL 94 5VA rating, and Bayer MaterialScience is the first to provide a solution,” said Gerald DiBattista, market segment leader, IT, Electrical/Electronics Polycarbonates, Bayer MaterialScience LLC. “Now OEMs can manufacture visually clear parts made from Makrolon FR7087 polycarbonate resin that can be near – or even make direct contact with – live current. This development was a major undertaking for Bayer MaterialScience; however, it shows our commitment to developing innovative materials that can benefit industries such as the emerging LED lighting market and electronics/electrical markets in general. The resin has passed all of our stringent internal testing, and we expect a UL Yellow Card to be issued later this summer. However, we do not want to hold back on this exciting new product, therefore samples are now available for evaluation.”“For years, our sales and marketing folks have asked for a clear resin that could meet UL 94 5VA requirements,” said Marina Rogunova, senior scientist, Bayer MaterialScience LLC. “We always had to answer that it did not yet exist. Now, after significant development work, we have our breakthrough. We are extremely proud of Makrolon FR7087, and we know it will greatly benefit existing and future customers.”Bayer MaterialScience LLC is one of the leading producers of polymers and high-performance plastics in North America and is part of the global Bayer MaterialScience business with nearly 15,100 employees at 30 sites around the world and 2008 sales of 9.7 billion euros. Business activities are focused on the manufacture of high-tech polymer materials and the development of innovative solutions for products used in many areas of daily life. The main segments served are the automotive, electrical and electronics, construction, medical, and sports and leisure industries.

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