Citizen LED produces 1335 lm from 13.3W input, can be directly mounted on heatsink

June 5, 2009
Date Announced: 05 Jun 2009 Singapore -- A major technological leap in LED industry by CITIZEN. A lumen output of 1335 lm from a 13.3w LED has been claimed to be the most energy efficient LED in superpower class by CITIZEN Electronics of Japan.With this performance a single CITIZEN LED can be used to build a complete light fixture. This LED comes in CL-L233 Package that uses its patented technology to provide an LED that does not need to be soldered on to a PCB. Unlike many other high power LED, CL-L233 Package can be directly mounted to the heat sink. In this way the thermal path is greatly reduced and the LED can operate at a much higher ambient temperature. “Citizen Electronics of Japan has been producing LEDs since 1983 and is a major player for mobile phone LEDs in the world with significant market share. With the introduction of the latest 13.3w LED Package CITIZEN has established its technology dominance for Superpower LEDs,” said Mr. Takashi Niiyama, General Manager of C-E (Singapore), which is a division of Citizen Electronics. LEDs that consume above 10w are considered to be Superpower LEDs. “Super Power LEDs will significantly reduce the end product cost as it does not need metal core PCB (MCPCB), It will not have to go through an electronics assembling process as it can be directly mounted on to the heat sink and it will only need single optical solution. This product will be very useful for street lighting, flood lighting and LED Light bulbs that require high CRI” Said the President of SCI Mr. Vick Aggarwala, who has been in High technology electronics component distribution business for more than 30 years.CITIZEN’s announcement comes at a right time as many LED manufacturers are moving up in the value chain by offering brighter light sources. The LED street light market is expected to grow at a staggering rate of more than 150% as many governments have started to initiate measures to revive the economy using “Green Technology”.SCI, the official distributor for CITIZEN LEDs in ASEAN region is providing a complete LED lighting solution to its customers that include optical lenses, thermal solutions and electronics for LED driver. SCI also has a state of the art LED show room in Singapore that demonstrates major LED Lighting applications.

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