Wavien introduces Premien white LED lamp technology for projector apps

June 4, 2009
Date Announced: 04 Jun 2009 VALENCIA, Calif. - Wavien, Inc. has announced the introduction of its highly efficient "Premien" white LED technology for front projector applications. The output efficiency of the patented Premien technology is up to two times higher than competing LED technologies, with no reduction in lifetime.Premien technology will allow projector manufacturers using standard arc lamps to enter the growing LED projector market with minimal changes in product design, fully capitalizing on their current capabilities and investment. In addition, users of Premien technology will directly benefit from the huge advances being made by LED manufacturers producing white LEDs for the general lighting market.With Premien technology, a single white LED will replace three or more colored LEDs used in standard RGB LED projector configurations. This will result in lower projector manufacturing costs, by reducing optical component counts and eliminating color balancing circuits.Dr. Kenneth Li, President and CEO of Wavien, Inc., who is also the inventor of Premien technology, said: "Manufacturers of projectors which utilize conventional lamps can readily convert to Premien LED technology, with minimal design changes and a low additional investment in tooling. This can allow the introduction of LED projectors into multiple markets quickly, which was not possible using previous configurations." Dr. Li added: "Premien LED technology will enable the introduction of compact, low-cost, long-life, low-maintenance LED projectors for gaming, home theatre, mobile presentation and small office markets."About Wavien, Inc.Wavien, based in Valencia, California, is a technology licensing company developing long-life high-performance light sources and engine prototypes for the projection and general lighting industries.Wavien currently offers its unique "Dual Paraboloid Reflector" ("DPR") technology using ultra-high-pressure arc lamps. Wavien is now entering the LED illumination market with its "Premien" recycling and non-imaging optical technology. These technologies improve lamp life, brightness, and efficiency when teamed with applications in the projection display, fiber optics, entertainment, and general lighting markets.DPR is a registered trademark of Wavien, Inc. Premien is a trademark of Wavien, Inc.

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