Coventry goes Bright Green with LEDs in bus-shelter posters

June 10, 2009
Date Announced: 10 Jun 2009 Coventry has seen the light and installed two six-sheet light boxes in one of their City Centre bus shelters illuminated with Bright Green Edge(tm) lighting technology.LED lighting is increasingly being utilised for illuminating outdoor media as the benefits are hugely compelling. They use 80% less energy, require zero maintenance (fluorescent tubes are frequently replaced due to failure) and they eliminate the ‘zebra’ striping often associated with poster cases back-lit with tubes.One 6 sheet light box illuminated with Bright Green LEDs will save the client over £300 per year in energy and maintenance AND they will give a more uniform lit display – you won’t see those stripes associated with light boxes lit with tubes.Green Barnes, specialist poster case manufacturers, approached Bright Green Technology to help provide the finished solution. The clients are delighted with the brightness output and the overall evenness of illumination.This project represents one of the many applications where Bright Green’s Sustainable Lighting(tm) has been installed. Other applications include museums, railway platforms, subways, exhibitions, hospitals and offices.Andy Clark, CEO of Bright Green Technology stated, “We are delighted to be involved with this prestigious project. Many potential customers are now talking to us about replacing fluorescent tubes with our Bright Green Sustainable LED lighting products – the benefits are so compelling when you can save money, carbon and energy!”

Bright Green Technology

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