Exar Corp. announces the XRP7620 4-channel, I2C controlled LED driver

June 8, 2009
Date Announced: 08 Jun 2009 Exar Provides Simplest Full Color Spectrum LED Lighting Solution I2C Programmable XRP7620 Enables Full Color Control in RGBW and RGBA LEDs for Color Mixing ApplicationsExar Corp. has announced the XRP7620, a 4 channel, I2C controlled LED driver with independent software adjustable channel current control.The XRP7620 is optimized for color mixing applications where a combination of 4 LEDs is used to generate either a true white light or expand the color spectrum generated when classic Red-Green-Blue (RGB) three LEDs are combined with a fourth respectively white or amber LED. Four independently adjustable current sinks provide total and precise control of each channel allowing an exact setting of each LED's brightness. The XRP7620 interfaces seamlessly with processor based designs providing unprecedented ease of use through a standard I2C bus while reducing the number of external components to a single capacitor.This device is also particularly suitable for small to medium size LCD backlighting applications with a better than 3% channel to channel matching ensuring a uniform display brightness. Parallel implementation of several devices on the same I2C bus is possible in order to drive and control larger banks of LEDs for larger size LCD displays."Visual indicators and improved display readability requirements are becoming more prevalent in portable and handheld devices to maximize the user experience," said Eric Pittana, director of marketing for Exar's Power Management Product Line. "The XRP7620 enables designers to achieve true white light for improved screen resolution or any color of light by means of simple software settings. The XRP7620 represents true creativity and customization at your finger tips."Key Product FeaturesWith 4 independently adjustable current sink drivers, the XRP7620 is a very versatile LED driver as well as a generic software programmable current sink I/O expander. Operating from a single cell lithium-ion battery or fixed 3.3V or 5V rails and supporting an industry standard 2-line I2C serial interface, each channel can be programmed up to a current of 31.5mA in steps of 500 microamp. Selective channel enabling and diming as well as overall configuration is achieved through a set of 5 internal registers. A specific shutdown mode allows the device to retain the previously loaded configuration - operational and current programming - in order to be reused again when needed. Power Management ProductsHighly reliable, accurate, power management is a critical part of any technology system. Exar has a broad array of industry-proven power management solutions. Exar's families of high current single chip PowerBlox(TM) step-down regulators and high power LED drivers demonstrate innovative solutions for industry standard POLA module replacements and high performance general lighting.Prices, Packages, Availability and Additional InformationSamples of the XRP7620 are available now. Offered in a small 2mm x 3mm 8-pin DFN "green"/halogen free package operating over the -40 degrees C to +100 degrees C junction temperature range, the XRP7620 is priced at $0.59 in 1K piece quantities. About ExarExar Corporation delivers highly differentiated silicon, software and subsystem solutions for industrial, datacom and storage applications. For nearly 40 years, Exar's comprehensive knowledge of end-user markets along with the underlying analog, mixed signal and digital technology has enabled innovative solutions that meet the needs of the evolving connected world. Exar's product portfolio includes power management and interface components, communications products, storage optimization solutions, network security and applied service processors. Exar has locations worldwide providing real-time customer support to drive rapid product development.

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