Axiom NZ leads the way in protecting sea turtles with LED lighting

June 11, 2009
Date Announced: 11 Jun 2009 - Sea Turtle safe lighting used at luxury beachfront hotels in Florida- LED lighting meets Florida Fish and Wildlife requirementsAUCKLAND, New Zealand - Axiom NZ, a leading global manufacturer of LED lighting systems, has announced that its extensive line of Sea Turtle safe LED lighting systems are being used at various Florida resort hotels.Axiom NZ Amber Sea Turtle Lighting products are being used at the W Hotel in Miami Beach, the Eden Roc Hotel and Spa in Miami Beach, and the Marriott Crystal Shores resort in Marco Island, to name a few."Artificial lights confuse the hatchling sea turtles, and they wander inland. Lost and disoriented, they soon die from dehydration, heat exhaustion or they are crushed on nearby streets. New laws in Florida as well as efforts in other responsible countries like Australia and New Zealand are looking at ways to light the way for humans, yet protect sea turtles from running aground in the wrong places," commented Stephanie Prather, Director of Sales for Axiom NZ. Using specially formulated LEDs from Nichia of Japan, Axiom NZ has introduced a line of lighting products that allows humans to be safe at night to enjoy beachfront areas, while at the same time the lights are invisible to sea turtles. These lights provide a recipe for success - safety for humans and turtles, which are the closest living animal related to dinosaurs. Only 1 in 1000 turtles lives to maturity."We find that even in these difficult economic times that our smart and cost effective energy efficient lighting systems can help save a life," stated Manuel Lynch, CEO of Axiom NZ. "We continue to find ways to introduce LED lighting systems that are the same cost as the legacy products they replace."Sea Turtle Safe Lighting products sell for approximately the same price as the halogen and incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs they replace and have a much longer lifetime, are much lower energy, and have no harmful mercury.About Axiom NZAxiom NZ is a manufacturer of low cost, high quality, LED lighting systems. Manufacturing is in New Zealand, Taiwan, China, and the USA. The company's products are used by Dollar Tree, Chevron, Nissan, FORD, Olive Garden, Subway, Shoppers (Canada), McDonalds, Chipotle, the W Hotel and Marriott Hotel, to name a few.

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