Axiom NZ introduces LED T-bar ceiling fixture

June 26, 2009
Date Announced: 26 Jun 2009 -- Replaces 2 ft x 2 ft and 2ft x 4 ft fluorescent fixtures-- Long lifetime reduces lighting maintenance bills-- Universal 90-277VAC input for use worldwideAUCKLAND, New Zealand and LAS VEGAS - Axiom NZ announced today that it has starting shipping its AX24 line of LED T-Bar Ceiling fixtures for false grid ceiling applications. The AX2424 is 24" by 24" (2'x2') and the AX2448 is 24" by 48" (2'x4'). Both are designed to be direct replacements for commonly used fluorescent fixtures.The Axiom NZ AX24 series uses high reliability Nichia of Japan LEDs and incorporates a simple maintenance friendly design that allows electricians to service and replace the modular LED and power supply system without having to go into the ceiling.The AX24 uses indirect reflected lighting eliminating any glare and has comparable output to fluorescent fixtures they replace.The UL listed fixture is developed by Axiom NZ in conjunction with other industry leading fixture manufacturers. The AX24 series uses Axiom NZ's UL Recognized removable and replaceable AXLE8 LED boards and UL Recognized PS60HS15 high reliability power supplies that feature 90-277VAC universal input. The fixture has a rated lifetime of 50,000 hours with less than 20% degradation over that time.The AX24 fixture is made in the USA for customers there or in New Zealand for customers in the Southern Hemisphere to reduce transportation costs, shorten manufacturing cycle times, to provide customer customization, and to enhance the level of quality over fixtures made in China."Our LED lighting system can replace the light fixtures used in any company office in the world at a price which is almost 50% less than competing technologies," commented Manuel Lynch, CEO of Axiom NZ. "We very proud that we have developed a way to manufacture this fixture in the country where it will be used, making it a truly green product."The AX2424 system sells for $275, and the AX2448 system sells for $375. Typical payback cycles when including power saving, reduced maintenance, bulb replacement cost, and proper government regulated mercury disposal costs of fluorescent is approximately 24 months.

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