Monocrystal announces top management shift

June 2, 2009
Date Announced: 02 Jun 2009 Stavropol, Russia –– Monocrystal, Inc. – world’s leading provider of sapphire products and metallization pastes to semiconductor, optical, and photovoltaic industries, announced its staff changes. Mr. Mikhail Berest – former VP Purchasing Director at Monocrystal was named new VP Sales and Marketing. The position was taken up after Dr.Oleg Kachalov who was appointed CTO. Mrs. Maria Sabelnikova became VP HR Director and Mr. Andrey Shamin - VP Purchasing Director. “Changes are made within the framework of corporate staff rotation program. Everybody shall be able to apply his particular expertise in absolutely new environment and boost company competitiveness as a whole”, said Mr. Andrey Kravchenko, CEO of Monocrystal. Mr. Berest has more than six-year work experience at Monocrystal. Before the appointment he performed as Senior Sales Executive, External Economic Activity Expert, Head of External Economic Activity Department and Purchasing Director, Deputy General Director. Due to recent economic downturn and current market low visibility Mr.Berest shall be imposed a heavy responsibility for the sales network extension and marketing program improving. "Not only does Mikhail bring us outstanding leadership in the semiconductor industry, he will make significant contributions to our sales and marketing strategy. His unique combination of knowledge and experience makes him a great addition to our top decision-makers group. We look forward to his guidance in reaching our growth objectives, developing future strategies and best serving the needs of our customers," said Vladimir Polyakov, President of Energomera and Chairman of Monocrystal. About Monocrystal Monocrystal is a market leader in providing sapphire products, metallization pastes, and other advanced electronic materials to semiconductor, optical, and photovoltaic industries. Monocrystal’s product portfolio includes large diameter sapphire substrates for LED and RFIC applications and unique lead-free screen printing pastes for wafer-based solar cells. The company exports 90 percent of its production to more than 20 countries around the globe. Monocrystal is the head company of the electronic materials business of Energomera Corp. To know more about Monocrystal, visit About Energomera Energomera Corp. manages a diversified portfolio of growing market-leading businesses that operate in Russia and globally. The company’s electrotechnical business dominates Russian electricity metering market and enjoys over one third market share by manufacturing and selling meters and metering solutions to most of Russian utilities. Energomera’s electronic materials business is the world’s leading provider of sapphire products and metallization pastes to semiconductor, optical, and photovoltaic industries, and the company’s agricultural business was named among the top three Russian grain producers in 2008. To know more about Energomera, visit

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