Versatile PIR interface IC controls any type of AC load

June 23, 2009
Date Announced: 23 Jun 2009 LSI/CSI introduces the LS6506R, a step forward in PIR Sensor Interface ICs. Since the LS6506R is designed to drive a latching relay, according to Pete Visconti, VP Sales and Marketing, a huge advantage is gained by our customers in that it can used in a Wall Switch configuration (no Neutral available) to enable the full AC Mains cycle to be applied across any load rendering the Wall Switch suitable for driving all types of resistive and inductive loads including incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, electronic and magnetic transformers, motors, etc. Products incorporating the LS6506R produce energy savings in commercial and home applications. A sister chip, the LS6507R, drives a triac in series with the load and is suitable to be used in a lower cost Wall Switch configuration for driving incandescent lamp loads. For home and commercial occupancy sensor applications, the ICs can be used in Wall Switch configurations to manually or automatically switch loads on and off. For commercial applications, a feature is offered where the lights can be manually switched off and will remain off as long as motion is detected allowing for uninterrupted Power Point Presentations, etc.Other features include: • Five timeout selections ranging between 30 seconds and 30 minutes.• Three operating modes. • On chip voltage regulator for reliable performance.• PIR sensitivity adjustment.• Ambient light override control.• LED indication for motion detection.• 50Hz/60Hz operation.LS6506R and LS6507R are available in 16-Pin SOIC Narrow Body and DIP packages.Pricing in 1k units is $0.75.The complete Data Sheet for these devices, as well as all of our Standard Products, can be found by visiting our Web Site, For more information, including price quotes and technical assistance, please contact [email protected]. ABOUT LSI COMPUTER SYSTEMS, INC.LSI Computer Systems, Inc. (LSI/CSI) began operations as the world's first fabless semiconductor company in 1969. Since its inception, LSI/CSI has been a leader in the design and production of affordable full custom and standard mixed signal, digital and analog integrated circuits. Using a broad array of process technologies, LSI/CSI has produced ICs that extend from the consumer and industrial marketplace to military and aerospace applications. The company’s proven expertise and strong reputation have made LSI/CSI the IC provider of choice for leading manufacturers in a broad range of industries.

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