Guang Technology dresses up the Taiwan Solar City in the atmosphere of light

June 17, 2009
Date Announced: 17 Jun 2009 The Taipei County Danshui river mouth, the early named “Huwei”, from the end of the Ming dynasty and the beginning of Ching dynasty was Taiwan very important trading port, and after Tianjin treaty in 1862, this neighborhood became the international trade harbor officially has contained the rich humanities property and the artistic network.Today, in which Fisherman wharf, the Danshui wharf and the Ba-Li wharf not only are the boarding gates of the ocean blue way of north Taiwan , but also are the well-known sightseeing scenic spots where attract a lot of people gathering. The Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic affairs took the Danshui river mouth as a center, and provided subsides to build the national first electro-optic art avenue by the solar electrical energy generation called “North Taiwan Solar City Plan”, linked up ecology, leisure, culture, history and environmental protection making beautiful city. This master lighting plan related to the above-mentioned project was to use the high efficiency LED lighting, substitutes for the big area entire form illumination by the partial accent lighting; took the advantage of the reflection and chose the proper position to reduce the quantity of light fixtures., consumes by the lowest resources achieves the plan project objective. A. Fisher wharf Half arc's electro-optical shelf just likes the two raised-up arms to welcome the tourists visit. Connecting with the shelf deviation design, utilized the warm white LED flood light directive property in the entire corridor and strengthened the gradation of depth, creating the different night vision and making a visional feast, enabled the tourists could enjoy the warm and romantic mood when strolling along the wharfs. B. Danshui WharfThe lighting master plan for this project is fixed to “entertainment,” the entire color LED light was mainly to reflect those prosperous stores located in the two sides of river. As well as, in respond for the electro-optical arched entrance design, controlled the light accurately by using LED, to create the image what the electro-optical arched entrance rising up straight from the ground at night. C. Ba-Li WharfTo band with the building appearance of Taipei County Sustainable Development Education Center, a strengthened energy conservation subject had been taken in front of the grounds around the Development Education center with built-in blue, white, yellow & green monochromatic directional light source in the building entrance. To set up the entire color LED inground light in the circular square ground, intended to modify the shiny star-studded sky and the childhood scenario. “Winding”, “Arc” these figures had been filled full the entire outline, in accordance with this neighborhood ‘s public art and the lighting worked at night, the two sides of Danshui river have been dress up a whole new sole and crossed a big milestone to be as the one of north Taiwan culture and art important targets. This project also had the honor to receive the national remarkable construction and urban plan prize in 2009.

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