Robe lighting expands facilities in Czech Republic

Sept. 11, 2009
Date Announced: 11 Sep 2009 Czech Republic-based moving light manufacturer Robe lighting has just completed the latest phase of a substantial ongoing expansion project.This includes the acquisition of PCB production company Dioflex, its long term electronic parts supplier, based in Roznov near to Robe's factory facility in Valasske Mezirici.Robe's has also invested 3.5 million Euros in building a completely new Logistics Centre and in doubling its warehouse space to nearly 4000 square metres.The latest factory expansion project houses a purpose-built Plastics Moulding Centre which covers about 1000 square metres, equipped with all necessary state-of-the-art machinery involved in this process.This has all been achieved by reinvesting the company's profits, supported by a strong operating cashflow.In-house PCB ProductionDioflex comes complete with 30 skilled employees, approximately 2000 square metres of premises and all the modern technology and fully automated machining processes needed to produce and populate PCBs quickly and cost-effectively.The acquisition further boosts the flexibility factor in Robe's production schedule, including the possibility of lightening quick turnarounds for new orders when required.The in-house PCB production will enable both Robe and Anolis products to be more competitively priced, a crucial consideration in the currently challenging economic climate. Long term targets to increase Dioflex's efficiency include hitting a target of having 50% 'other clients' onboard within a year, in addition to producing at full capacity for Robe and Anolis.With all the metalwork and plastic moulding now completed on the premises, adding in-house PCB production to the manufacturing chain was a "Completely logical move" according to Dioflex's new CEO David Orsag, who is also the production director of Robe lighting.Dioflex will produce all the PCBs for Robe lighting and its sister company, the LED manufacturer Anolis, who's production lines moved to the ground floor of the same premises a year ago.New WarehouseThe newly increased warehouse space incorporates many features for maximising the day-to-day operational speed, including the easy access and loading of trucks. All Robe's employees work with the latest available technology smoothing the flow of logistics and production, and ensuring that the precision and efficiency for which the company is renowned is maintained.For more press information contact marketing department ROBE lighting on e-mail: [email protected]

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