Multiled with Greenpeace to save the glaciers

Sept. 22, 2009
Date Announced: 22 Sep 2009 Greenpeace is developing a communications campaign to save the glaciers.The purpose is to ask world leaders to take responsibility to save the glaciers and the Earth's climate and ensure a good result at the Copenhagen Climate Summit next December.Only 80 days left before the World Summit, from Dec. 7 to 18, with the Group of Twenty to deal with the issue of climate change. Among the most prominent risk, there is the mass disappearance of glaciers and the consequent loss of huge sources of drinking water.Through a campaign on public spaces and on the Internet, the environmental group has released the order to save the glaciers. They include a “Multiled” electronic countdown clock, located at the corner of Callao Av. and Rivadavia Av., which is counting the time left for the summit decisions.Multiled supports this campaign with this clock and by making eco-friendly products, both for their low-consumption and for their useful long-life.

Daniel Carnaghi

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