Comparative testing fixtures USS-70 Bio-based LEDs and lamps on the basis of sodium lamps 400 W

Sept. 11, 2009
Date Announced: 11 Sep 2009 The Botanical Gardens of Perm State University (Russia) are the comparative test fixtures USS-70-based LEDs and lamps on the basis of sodium lamps. Lamps with sodium lamps are now widely used for lighting greenhouses. LED lamps because of the optimum for healthy plant growth spectrum provide them with all necessary.Comparative analysis of the data given in the table "Impact of artificial illumination of different types of sources on the growth and development of tomato seedlings. For the artificial lighting of plants used lamps with sodium lamps 400 W PHILIPS LED lighting and LED-equipped USS with the optimal wavelength (660, 465 nm) for the growth and development of plants.In the late 18 th century British and Dutch scientists have found that plants are fed water, air, light and a small part of the soil. A series of simple by modern standards, the experiments have led them to the concept of photosynthesis - plants breathe. Light phase - "inhale", the dark - "exhale". Timiriazev proved that the energy source for photosynthesis, are predominantly red rays of the spectrum, as indicated by the spectrum of activity of photobiological processes, where the most intense absorption band observed in the red, and less - in the blue-violet.The graph seen "failure" in the green part of the spectrum (500-600 nm), peak in the blue-violet (400-500 nm) and yellow-red (600-750 nm) region. Moreover, in the process fotomorfogeneza (morphogenesis, "yield") blue-green component of solar radiation is not involved. Looking ahead, we can say that this fact is used in today's hothouse economy fully, through the application as an additional source of lighting high pressure sodium lamps with a spectrum of their emission growth in the 550-700 nm.

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