US ARMY Upgrades Four Airfields with Avlite Solar Powered LED Airfield Lighting

Sept. 6, 2009
Date Announced: 06 Sep 2009 US ARMY Upgrades Four Airfields with Avlite Solar Powered Airfield LightingThe US ARMY has ordered multiple airfield lighting systems from Avlite Systems Inc to be installed at four forward operating airfields in northern Iraq. This order fulfills a critical requirement to ensure the ongoing safety and maintenance of these airfields by replacing other airfield lighting systems that have reached end of life. The Army will be using the more than 875 solar powered LED airfield lights on runways, thresholds, taxiways, apron edge, obstructions and helipads. All the lights will be installed to facilitate NVG and unaided eye fixed wing and rotary operations. The four remote bases have been operating Avlite solar airfield lighting systems for the past three years with excellent results. Maintenance free in its design with a replaceable battery, aviation optics and lithium ion battery, the Avlite units withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures, persistent sandblasting, jet blast, physical impacts and continuous dusk till dawn use. Airfield electricians have relied on Avlite to meet unruly operating conditions without the added cost of traditional infrastructure, energy or fuel costs. In support of these success stories and as part of ongoing investments into the safety, energy and mobility of US ARMY forward operating airfields, Aviation Renewables continues to provide daily consulting, technical and customer support to the needs of the ARMY and its coalition forces. Avlite continues to lead the market with the industry’s only 3 year warranty and with the investments in radio control and encryption, NVG LED capabilities, remote monitoring, emergency lighting transport systems and PC interface control Avlite illustrates its dedication to the solar airfield lighting industry.For more information on renewable aviation solutions and tactical solar airfield lighting, please visit or

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