Delta's LED Lighting Shines the 5-Star Tongli Lakeview Hotel, Suzhou of China

Sept. 2, 2009
Date Announced: 02 Sep 2009 Delta Electronics, Inc. has replaced the most important interior lighting locations in the lobby, front entrance, and restaurant of the 5-star Tongli Lakeview Hotel in Suzhou, China by its LED lighting products.After careful evaluation and elaborate lighting design techniques, Delta Electronics proposed the Hotel to replace its previous 80W halogen PAR38 lamps with the more efficient P8DT, a 15W LED PAR38, at the Hotel’s front entrance. In addition, 100W GRS lamps and 27W PL lamps were replaced by the more efficient GLDT-09, a unique 9W LED bulb with surrounding light emission at the Hotel’s Japanese restaurant. Specially selected LED lighting with the appropriate color temperature and brightness were installed according to Delta’s Lighting Design Team, to create a warm welcoming atmosphere at the front entrance, a luxurious ambience at the lobby, and a relaxing mood at the restaurant. In addition to enhancing the stay of their guests, the LED lighting provides the hotel with benefits such as decreased power consumption and savings on energy bill. The simple switch to LED lighting achieves a total reduction of 18,948kWh per year. The hotel’s change to green lighting continues on.Roland Chiang, director of Delta’s Solid-State Lighting Department, Components Business Group, commented, “Delta is known as a leading world-class provider in many different green solution and system, and has established a reputation in quality, manufacturing capabilities, and customer satisfaction over the past 38 years. Here in the Solid-State Lighting Department, we have furthered our services to provide a total lighting solution in which we study a customer’s request, design and optimize the lighting environment with our products, and then confirm with customers to offer a complete package.”Delta’s LED lighting products for interior applications all feature high brightness uniformity to enhance visibility in real life and power factor correction (PFC) to ensure energy savings. Delta’s P8DT, a replacement for the PAR38 halogen lamp, consumes only 15W and saves approximately 65W of power while achieving a stabilized luminous flux of 420lm~740lm depending on the color temperature selected. Delta’s GLDT-09 has a brightness similar to that of a 40W incandescent bulb of 360lm~480lm, dimensioned perfectly to fit for any lamp fixture designed for incandescent bulbs, while saving as much power as 36W. One unique feature of GLDT-09 is the direction the light is emitted; unrestricted by the LED’s directional lighting property, this replacement bulb emits light outwards almost like a traditional incandescent bulb where two light patterns overlap one another.This switching from existing halogen and PL lamps to LED lighting products demonstrates a growing environmental awareness in China. Delta Electronics is proud to be part of the green supply chain and remains committed to its commitment in “To Provide Innovative, Clean and Efficient Energy Solutions For A Better Tomorrow.”

Julia Chiang, Delta Electronics, Inc. Solid-State Lighting Department

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