Enfis/Spotlight - Zoom RGBW LED Spot at PLASA 2009

Sept. 11, 2009
Date Announced: 11 Sep 2009 Enfis Ltd, has collaborated with Spotlight Srl, to produce the MIDI LED High-Intensity Spotlight. The LED Spot has a 12° to 50° Zoom optic and an 80W RGBW capability for near-infinite colour combinations for any kind of show. The system can also generate high-quality white light with a range of colour temperatures from 2900°K to over 6000°K for Photo, Cinema and TV use. With an effective life of about 50.000 hours, it is also useful in architectural applications. Moreover the fixture has a modular structure allowing it also to be assembled in bars or square arrays depending on the user's needs.Combining Enfis’ unique high-power compact array technology with Spotlight’s extensive skills, knowledge and long-standing reputation within the stage lighting market, the MIDI LED sets the standard for the next generation of high-quality professional lighting.See this revolutionary new product at Spotlight Booth 1-C6 at PLASA, Earls Court, London 13-16 September 2009Contact Enfis now on +44 1792 485660, [email protected] or Spotlight on +39 02 98830 55 [email protected] to find out more.About EnfisEnfis is a world leader in high-power Solid State Lighting (SSL). Our focus is on providing cutting-edge, complete, light-engine solutions for easy integration into luminaires and fixtures.Headquartered in Swansea, UK , and listed on the London Stock Exchange, with a world-wide manufacturing and distribution network, Enfis is truly a global player. Our extensive range of skills covers semiconductor technology, packaging, thermal management, optics, electronic design, software and volume manufacturing. We are constantly evaluating all new technologies and processes, keeping us, and our customers, ahead of the competition. This makes us an ideal partner for companies wanting a low-risk (both technically and commercially), cost-effective SSL solution fast, and a roadmap to keep at the forefront in a rapidly evolving market.Enfis Group Plc, Technium II, Kings Rd, Swansea, SA1 8PJ, UK Te: +44 1792 485660

Contact Enfis now on +44 1792 485660, [email protected] or Spotlight on +39 02 98830 55 [email protected] to find out more.

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