Luna Street launches Luna Eyes LED solar street light

Sept. 6, 2009
Date Announced: 06 Sep 2009 Luna Street, a division of the famous Luna Road Company that specializes in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of the new high-tech, Eco-Friendly Luna Road Lights; has recently unveiled their new, brilliant solar street light creation known as the Luna Eyes – Solar Street Light.The Luna Eyes Solar Street Light is an intelligent outdoor lighting system newly released by Luna Street. The Luna Eyes Solar Street Light combines high efficiency solar panel, controller, human infrared motion sensor module, high-capacity lithium-ion battery and LED Lighting technology into a compact housing unit. The Luna Eyes Solar Street Light captures the maximum source energy from the sun during the daytime, and uses this energy during the night for a brilliant-futuristic illumination quality.The Luna Eyes Solar Street Light is extremely easy to install and operate. No special cables are needed, and the entire lighting system is built into one compact housing unit, removing the need to construct separate brackets to house different parts of the solar street light system. The Luna Eyes Solar Street Light can be easily installed by clamping its brackets onto a regular pole. A great economical benefit is that you will not require any special machines, vehicles or tools in order to successfully install the Luna Eyes Solar Street Light System. These benefits will help save you time and money in the short and long term, while providing you with a revolutionary, brilliant and truly wonderful new form of street lighting.The Luna Eyes Solar Street Light is also a magnificent security lighting system. During the nighttime, when there are no humans around, the Luna Eyes Solar Street Light remains at a specific illumination intensity level; however, when the Luna Eyes Solar Street Light senses human activity, the brightness level increases in intensity, helping to guide pedestrians and drivers safely along their way, while also signaling to the surrounding environment that human activity is present at the specific location of the Luna Eyes Solar Street Light. The system can also be engineered to remain at one illumination intensity level throughout the night if you so desire.The compact volume and light weight design of the Luna Eyes Solar Street Light, also helps to reduce freight and shipping costs. This means that the Luna Eyes Solar Street Light is a perfect solution for global street lighting needs, while being engineered and designed to produce high quality Eco-Friendly illumination, and also remaining economical and energy efficient.Conventional electrically powered street lighting represents a major consumer of global energy supplies, and also represents a huge monetary cost for Government’s worldwide. The Luna Eyes Solar Street Light is the perfect solution to help reduce energy wastage and further help to protect and preserve our fragile environment, while also helping to cut down and reduce the gigantic energy costs currently expended worldwide for street lighting applications.

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