New LED streetlight USS-150/100 is available

Sept. 3, 2009
Date Announced: 03 Sep 2009 The lamp USS-150/100 is intended for lighting of streets, roads, tunnels, petrol stations, squares, warehouses, stocks and manufactures. Power consumption is 220 V -150 W. It is substitution for mercury lamps DRL-400.It is irreplaceable in places, where energy saving and high reliability is needed, under higher vibration, moisture. The lamp has not stroboscopic effect, light power does not change during power band. Operation time is les then 1 second.Lamp USS-150М is made on the base of LEDs of Japanese company NICHIA, with 6 independent power supplies. The housing of this streetlight lamp is made on aluminum, window is made on optical polycarbonate. The searchlight is fixed to any legs with tube diameter till 50 meters. By request these lamps can be completed by wall of ceiling binding. As optional, they can be completed by light sensors for automatic on/off for sunset/sunrise.Streetlight LED lamps extra service is not necessary during it’s lifetime (more then 20 years), only periodical washing by water sheet.

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