ATG Infinity K108 LED Rope Light decorates hotel in Venezuela

Sept. 15, 2009
Date Announced: 15 Sep 2009 ATG Infinity K108 LED Rope Lights are indoor/outdoor linear fixtures that can be connected to create long ribbons of color for architectural lighting to highlight the outline of buildings, guidance lighting in cinemas, airports etc, holiday decorative lighting on homes, restaurants and trees etc, and landscape lighting for parks and gardens.This time Infinity K108 were applied to light up the balconies of a hotel in Venezuela on the strength of its high brightness. Infinity™ K108 adopt high intensity LEDs and work directly on 120VAC or 240VAC. The plastic housing is made by anti-UV technology, can be installed outside and produce a good performance.Features & Benefits:-Flexible, easy to assemble and maintain;-For 240VAC, minimum cut is every 2 meters (6.6 feet); For 120VAC, minimum cut is every 1 meters (3.3 feet)-High brightness with ultra bright LEDs and clear, transparent UV-stabilized PVC flexible housing;-IP65 degree, applicable for dry, wet and damp environment;-Little light decrease, low heat generation, no heat damage.Recommended Applications:-Decoration lighting (cove lighting, under-cabinet lighting, windows display lighting) for homes, hotels, restaurants, stores, yachts, bars, clubs, vehicles, walkways etc; -Architectural lighting for homes, hotels, stores, restaurants etc;-Guidance lighting (step lighting, edge lighting) for cinemas, theatres, yachts, trains, pools, spas etc;-Landscape lighting for your patios, decks, gardens, parks, walkways etc.

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