SemiLEDs announces the launch of a new high-power 365nm UV LED

Sept. 16, 2009
Date Announced: 16 Sep 2009 Boise, Idaho – SemiLEDs Corporation, a world leader in developing LED chip technology, announced today the launch of the P5 UV LED, a new high power 5W 365nm UV LED in a silicon casing in ready to use format. With this significant achievement, SemiLEDs becomes one of the only LED chip producers to provide a high power 365nm UV LED, once again proving itself as a pioneer in the LED industry. The launch of the P5 UV LED has positioned SemiLEDs not only as a leading LED chip manufacturer but also as the premier UV LED provider. SemiLEDs P5 UV LEDs are made using its patented vertical MvpLED™ chips which feature a copper-alloy base in a silicon casing with a UV glass encapsulation. The advantages of SemiLEDs MvpLED™ chips are delivered through these unique features as the copper-alloy base and silicon casing allow for maximum heat transfer from the junction to the board or heat sink, a crucial element to optimizing the lifetime of the UV LED. Furthermore, SemiLEDs 365nm P5 UV LEDs’ superior thermal management is combined with optical advantages which facilitate designs using higher drive currents to maximize light density. With a very small physical SMT footprint, the P5 is designed for 5W operation or 1.5A drive current, suitable for applications such as polymer curing.UV LEDs have had a growing impact on a large and diverse group of UV market segments such as curing, currency/document verification, tanning, medical and sterilization. The benefits of UV LEDs over traditional mercury lamps are illustrated through their flexibility, compactness, cost effectiveness and absence of mercury, a notorious pollutant. UV LEDs are greatly enhancing applications in UV market segments and with UV LEDs poised to replace traditional UV lamps, a wide array of new applications are expected to further drive the UV LED market in the future. For more information regarding the new 365nm P5 UV LED or for information regarding any of the ultra-high bright LED chips from SemiLEDs, please visit About SemiLEDs:SemiLEDs is a US based manufacturer of ultra-high bright LED chips with state of the art fabrication facilities in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan. SemiLEDs specializes in the development and manufacturing of vertical LED chips in blue (white), green and UV using a patented copper alloy base. This unique design allows for higher performance and longer lumen maintenance. SemiLEDs high power MvpLEDs deliver over 110lm/W. In December 2008, The World Economic Forum recognized SemiLEDs innovations with the 2009 Technology Pioneer Award. Please visit

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