Optoga unveils kitchen halogen-killer for light fittings

Sept. 25, 2009
Date Announced: 25 Sep 2009 The OptoDrive Steffi is a complete light module including lens, driver and LED’s, all in one compact package that can easily be incorporated into similar light fitting as Halogen. The module itself is developed for kitchen and bathroom applications where it has to be slim to fit. The low profile Steffi design only requires a 14 mm recess. The use of halogen in kitchens has caused accidents such as fires and other heating related problems, however with the use of LED solutions these problems are to disappear. This has been a problem since consumers changed from 10W to 20W or higher as the material used in kitchens can’t manage the amount of heat or when there is flammable material that in front of the light. This version of LED replacement is designed to replace a 10W halogen yet the LED consumes only 20% of the energy of the light it replaces. They are designed to be used with internal driver 6-36VDC, external driver and 110/230VAC.The modules give superbly balanced light, both in terms of colour reproduction to make them suitable for many different types of light fitting. The colour rendering index value achieved by the Optodrive modules is far beyond the standards required of workplace lighting where tasks demand extra accuracy in colour perception. It is even possible to use these light sources in applications such as medical lights, food retailing, art galleries, fashion or clothes displays and similar applications which require excellent colour reproduction. The trend in LED development has been to focus on brightness rather than on color rendering and consequently most LED solutions available today have the disadvantage that they don’t appear like natural light. Recently the development of better phosphors has improved LED performance and in the latest tests, the result gives a CRI 95. The demands of having a CCT that closely replicates the same temperature as a regular light bulb have driven the development of these modules. LEDs have had problems to meet the necessity for warm white light with colour temperature values between 2650K and 4500K with excellent CRI. The Optodrive modules completely satisfy this requirement.OptoDrive opens up completely new opportunities for new, exciting and functional design solutions. They are also very simple to add to your light fittings, giving a perfect light without effort and big commercial investments. Please download the specification on www.optodrive.se/steffi.pab. If you want to see for yourself how easy it is to add new light fittings which incorporate LEDs too your range, just request your sample evaluation sample by registering at www.optodrive.se/order.pab (or call +46 (0)589 490 950). We will then send you an Optodrive evaluation sample. All you need to do is plug it in and light it up!

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