Techsil LED potting system reduces process time

Nov. 26, 2009
Date Announced: 26 Nov 2009 Techsil has launched a two-phase protection system for LED lighting modules consisting of a top coat and a base coat. The two materials can be applied consecutively and will cure concurrently; reducing production time to a matter of hours.The top coat is a fast-curing, optically clear polyurethane encapsulant. It is UV stable (non yellowing), bubble resistant and offers excellent light transmission. The properties of this clear compound will be of interest in LED applications where environmental and mechanical protection are important such as outdoor lighting used for pathways, buildings and signage.The base material is a bright, white, rigid polyurethane designed to offer mechanical protection with elevated thermal dissipation to avoid heat build up in the chip. It is easy to pour but is capable of gelling quickly. VT2420LV encapsulant (top coat)- UV stable by design- Crystal clear - Low viscosity making it easy to dispense - 1:1 mix ratio - Rapid cure; no sticky surface - Semi-flexible once cured - Moisture resistant - no bubbles during cure - Variations in hardnesses availablePU2600FS WT encapsulant (base coat)- Thermal conductivity 0.8w/m/k - Dissipates heat from devices up to 140°C service temperature - Fast cure;takes 8 minutes to gel - Can co-cure with top coat - Low viscosity Both products are available in bulk or twin pack. Contact Techsil for datasheets and samples

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