Techsil's RTV12 potting compound achieves 94HB status

Nov. 12, 2009
Date Announced: 12 Nov 2009 RTV12 is a RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanising) silicone used widely in the electronics industry. Techsil are pleased to report that RTV12 has recently been tested by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and given 94HB status. Good news for manufacturers exporting components to the USA.RTV12 is a clear, two-component, low viscosity potting compound / encapsulant that cures at room temperature to a soft pliable rubber. RTV12 will cure in deep sections without additional heating or moisture. RTV12 adheres without need of a primer to most materials, including metals, plastics and ceramics typical of those found in electronic assemblies. The excellent electrical properties make it an ideal material for both high and low voltage electrical assemblies. The soft, rubbery property of RTV12, cushions against mechanical shock and vibration. RTV12 is clear enough to allow visual observation of components during pouring and after cure, the clarity lends to easy identification, repair and replacement of components. Uniquely, Techsil can provide a clear or a blue catalyst for this material.

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