Oxley Launch new BA9 and E10 bulb replacements

Nov. 20, 2009
Date Announced: 20 Nov 2009 Oxley has introduced a new series of bipolar LEDs to its extensive range of LED incandescent bulb replacements.Designed to replace standard BA9 and E10 incandescent bulbs in push button switches and panel instrumentation the ELEDs are suitable for use in rail, power and oil and gas applications.The new ELEDS have a unique multi-voltage operating range from 12 vdc/vac to 60 vdc/vac ensuring bipolarity, thermal management and increased mean time between failure of 100,000 hours.They utilise the latest in LED technology to achieve the required levels of illumination. The LED is machined to create a flat top that ensures ‘true and even’ behind bezel illumination and eliminates the hot spot often associated with earlier, more directional LEDs.Oxley LED Business Manager David Howell says: “The benefit of using an Oxley warm white ELED is that the colour mimics that of an incandescent bulb and successfully filters through all colours of push button switches including the more problematic yellows and reds.”Fully tested and qualified the ELEDs are available now in white and warm white with green, blue, yellow and AlGaAs red variants to follow shortly. Oxley drawing CP39948 refers.

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