SemiLEDs increases capacity to meet customer demand for street lights, other applications

Nov. 2, 2009
Date Announced: 02 Nov 2009 Boise, Idaho -– SemiLEDs Corporation announced the successful introduction of Close Coupled Showerhead® CRIUS® MOCVD system with 7x4 inch configuration from AIXTRON into its 4-inch Fab.SemiLEDs, a world leader of high power VLED products, has shifted its mass production VLED to 4 inch wafers which greatly increase production capacity to meet strong demand for high end applications, such as street light and home lighting. SemiLEDs’ state of the art 4 inch LED Fab located in Taiwan will be able to produce 10KK high power VLED when running at full capacity. SemiLEDs’ successful shift to mass production using 4 inch wafers demonstrates its technology innovation leadership in bringing the world’s best lumens/dollar and lumens/watt to its customers to enable Solid State Lighting for the masses. Mass production using 4 inch wafers increases SemiLEDs production capacity to keep pace with increasing demand and to shorten lead times for its customers. Furthermore, as announced at the China SSL conference 2009, using I-core MvpLED chips, SemiLEDs’ packaging customers have achieved 120 lm/watt cool white running at 350mA. For more information regarding SemiLEDs' ultra-high bright LED chips please visit or contact [email protected]. About SemiLEDs:SemiLEDs is a US based manufacturer of ultra-high bright LED chips with state of the art fabrication facilities in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan. SemiLEDs specializes in the development and manufacturing of vertical LED chips in blue (white), green and UV using a patented copper alloy base. This unique design allows for higher performance and longer lumen maintenance. SemiLEDs high power MvpLEDs deliver over 110lm/W. In December 2008, The World Economic Forum recognized SemiLEDs innovations with the 2009 Technology Pioneer Award.

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