Khatod introduces new reflectors for power LEDs

Nov. 24, 2009
Date Announced: 24 Nov 2009 The request of high efficiency in Lighting along with the upmost necessity of energy conservation, have made the Power LED applications an ever-increasing requirement in the Lighting Industry.Many of these new applications require placement of LEDs in narrow or recessed spaces, as well as in diverse LED configurations never considered before. This evolution is not without difficulties because requires the employment of new technologies while guaranteeing high efficiency and superior performances.Khatod, always in the front line in the optoelectronic industry evolution, has promptly responded to this requirement of the market by creating a new series of REFLECTORS.Reflectors, often combined with condenser lenses, are normally used in projection optical systems to maximize both illumination and light source collection efficiency. Those devices, resembling small satellite dishes with a small hole in the center, are capable to focus or project a light beam.Reflectors are realized in three different standard shapes: parabolic, ellipsoidal and hyperbolic. They are differentiated by the location of their foci in relation to the axis, besides their distinctive shape.On-axis parabolic reflectors collect radiation from a source at its focal point, and reflect it as a collimated beam, parallel to the axis. Off-axis reflectors are realized by taking just a portion of the entire reflector. In this case the focal point is off the mechanical axis, giving full access to the reflector focus area. For example, an off-axis parabolic mirror, unlike standard parabolic mirrors, can project a light source into a collimated beam at a specific angle, allowing the designer to obtain different shaped patterns.Reflectors are of great importance in the Lighting Industry, since they allow a wide variety of lighting applications for power LEDs to meet the demand of the market. Khatod’s prompt reaction to this new requirement is the creation of a new series of innovative REFLECTORS, realized by applying the most cutting-edge technologies.When looking for high quality and innovation in Lighting, look for Khatod first.

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