Lightmoves helps to polish the jewel in the Crown

Nov. 12, 2009
Date Announced: 12 Nov 2009 For almost 15 years, Crown Towers has been leading the way for luxury accommodation in Melbourne and are renowned worldwide for their impeccable customer service, their attention to detail and for the hotel’s lavish opulence. Located on the southern side of the Yarra River, the hotel serves the world-class casino and the Crown entertainment complex.In order to maintain its reputation in hotel luxury, Crown Towers recently underwent a refurbishment of all suites in the luxurious 28-storey Hotel. The design of the new layout included new carpet, new furniture, new light fixtures and changing the old switching and pot dimmers to a dimming control system. After a competitive and extensive testing process, Lightmoves was selected to supply and commission the Australian-made Dynalite lighting control system for the entire Hotel. Having an established 15 year relationship with Crown, including providing the overwhelming majority of lighting control through out the entire Casino complex since it opened - Lightmoves seemed the obvious choice. The unique DDMC802 multi-purpose controller was also a major reason that Dynalite was specified for the project, due to its incredible versatility. The controller allows the flexibility of running relay control, ballast control, incandescent, dimmable fluorescent, switched fluorescent and dimmed LED control all from the one controller. In a project of this scale, this greatly reduces the number of controllers needed as well as the overall real estate that they take up. The DDMC802 also has its own built in ELV power supply, which reduces the need for separate power supplies to power the control panels in each room. The entire hotel is networked, which means that each room can be individually controlled from a front-end controller. To put it simply - if the hotel chooses to implement the option - the lights in each suite can be turned on at check-in.The custom DPN Stainless Steel screw less control panels also contributed to Dynalite’s specification, with Lightmoves undergoing a series of tests and demonstrations with a variety of different panels in order to find the best match for the hotel. The custom made panels were designed to suit the 15 different room configurations, and – along with the rest of the equipment used - were pre-commissioned & tested by Lightmoves in their factory. This drastically reduced the on-site commissioning hours, which was an important factor with such the project running to a tight schedule. With the hotel closing down only one or two floors at a time, Lightmoves managed to cut on-site commissioning time down to 1-2 days per floor.Of the 449 rooms in the complex, 242 of them received a complete full refurbishment, with the design including some feature-enhancing LED lighting. Lightmoves supplied the custom-made 3000K warm-white LED chains from Tridonic Atco, that were used to light the bed-heads, underneath the bedside tables, around the bathroom mirrors and in the bathroom alcove - where they were used in lieu of fluorescent lighting. The custom-design included the chains being made flexible, in order to suit the circular mirrors in the bathroom. The LED chains are controlled by Tridonic Atco’s own control hardware, and dimmed using 1-10v protocol via Dynalite’s DDMC802 multipurpose controller. The recent additions have assisted Crown in keeping their award winning hotel ahead of the rest. Project Team:Electrical Consultant: Lincolne ScottInterior & Lighting Design: Vision Design and Crown DesignElectrical Contractor: Nuvo Electrical

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