Lightweight Pixled LED screens seen on widening range of projects

Nov. 10, 2009
Date Announced: 10 Nov 2009 Since the quiet introduction last year of Pixled, the unprecedented lightweight LED video product has been embraced by the entertainment industry. Designers for concert tours to television; live events to permanent installations have found Pixled to be the LED product that allows them the freedom of creativity without compromise. In just the first year alone, the range of Pixled products have been used on tours including Keith Urban; Coldplay; Pink; and Jay-Z as well as televised events from the VH1 Hip Hop Honors to MTV’s Video Music Awards and the globally televised Eurovision Song Contest. The Wall Street Journal offices even showcase Pixled in a permanent installation in NYC. Pixled, which was well received during its official European launch at PLASA in London this past September, is looking forward to presenting the Pixled line in America at the upcoming LDI (Booth # 1535) in Orlando November 20th – 22nd.Pixled’s fast adoption by designers and producers is due in large part to its successful approach of meeting the ever growing demands of projects for more complex and unique designs using video LEDs by offering an efficient; cost effective; and flexible product line. Originally beta tested as the F LED 11 and the Spider 40, the products were lauded for their exceptional light weight yet uncompromised quality of the LED video imaging. Pixled’s entire product line, ranging from the high resolution F-7 7mm to the transparent and bright F-40 40mm resolution, offers users a wide variety of options from cost-efficient high-resolution LED solutions to ultra-lightweight, virtually transparent screens.The Pixled product weighs about one-fifth of many other products on the market enabling LEDs to be installed in more places and ways than before. “Timing could not have been better to introduce Pixled to the industry,” says Norah de Bekker, sales and marketing for Pixled. “With the economic climate this past year, the determining factor for many of our clients to use the Pixled products was the enormous savings. Besides labor and transport, we have seen tens of thousands of dollars in savings on the reduced rigging costs alone.” With less technical limitations for creative designs and faster installations requiring smaller crews and less rigging, designers have been freed to bend a few borders, curve a few walls regardless of designing for spaces large or small.Most striking to people when they first view Pixled is that it has excellent image quality with sharp contrast, clean colors and bright images yet no patchiness. Even though compared to similar products Pixled is a less expensive true video-controlled product, quality has not been sacrificed for price. The high-resolution Pixled products with 7 to 10mm pixel pitch incorporate Nichia's revolutionary black LED technology and offer remarkably deep black levels and outstanding contrast levels. The sophisticated calibration and control algorithms of the Radiant Color Calibration System create a rich color reproduction and a vivid dynamic video image with perfect uniformity across the entire display surface.The mid-to-low resolution products, including the 10 to 40mm pixel pitch, feature transparency ratios of 10-50%, opening up a wide range of creative design possibilities without compromising on image quality. These Pixled properties married with its innovative lightweight design means that creating large, wide-canvas screens and layering video with lighting to create stunning visual 3D-like effects is easier then ever for designers.Without compromising the resolution on the Pixled products, the weight previously thought of as standard for LED imaging components has been shed, meaning the constraints of both technical considerations and budgetary concerns can be addressed and overcome when using the Pixled tiles. The efficient product design using clean cabling, no remote control boxes and optional ladder frames make it easy to use. Maintenance is simple using standard plug and play cabling and power supplies and the processors are no nonsense and easy to use. Pixled also offers custom-designed ladder frames with hanging brackets to even further ease installation and access. Along with custom touring dollies and flight cases the product line allows for a truly efficient truck pack.Demand for the Pixled product is rapidly growing as LED video displays are now not only seen at concerts, tradeshows, tournaments and large festivals, but also in retail stores, office lobbies, casino's and nightclubs. Pixled products have been used on a wide variety of applications including concerts with Jay-Z’s 9/11 Benefit Concert and Blueprint 3 Tour; Pink’s Funhouse Tour; DJ Tiesto; Kings of Leon; Johnny Hallyday Tour 66; Take That Circus Live Tour; Juan Luis Guerra La Travesia Tour; Stereophonics; Kaiser Chiefs; Staind Stimulate This! Tour; Essence Music Festival; and Coldplay. Television applications include the 2009 MTV VMAs; Brit Awards 2009; 2009 Eurovision Song Contest; 2009 CMT Music Awards; and VH1 Hip Hop Honors and Divas. Exhibit designers have been incorporating Pixled in their designs including Mercedes Benz at the Frankfort Auto Show; Infiniti and Nissan at the Los Angeles Auto Show; Daewoo at the Seoul Auto Show; Eisai; Accu-Check; and Addikt Hairdressing Products.Lighter; brighter; cost and energy efficient, it is no surprise that the Pixled product is a hit with designers from a range of markets since its light weight, clean design and ease of use make it very adaptable to all applications.Be sure to stop by booth #1535 at LDI 2009 in Orlando and see all that Pixled has to offer. For more information, please go to

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