DiCon Fiberoptics Launches DiCon LED

Nov. 13, 2009
Date Announced: 13 Nov 2009 Richmond, CA — DiCon Fiberoptics announces the launching of a newly established business unit and accompanying website, DiCon LED. This division specializes in high-density and high-brightness LED technology to incorporate into breakthrough illumination products and better serve the needs of the industrial markets.Founded in 1986, DiCon Fiberoptics is a recognized leader in the photonic and fiber optic industries. Expanding its technical expertise, DiCon established a solid-state lighting technology group in 2001 and invented a proprietary photon extraction method that allows for the commercialization of high-brightness LED chips. In parallel to wafer-level developments, DiCon grew LED-related knowledge in optics, thermals, mechanics, electronics, and controls, applying it to resolve complex engineering issues and perfect a competitive LED platform. Together with this launch, DiCon LED announces a high-density LED array that emits over 1500 lumens. Integrating twenty-one 1.0 mm x 1.0 mm high brightness LED chips, this array can be driven with more than 500 mA while dissipating heat quickly with its patented thermal management system. Its high packing density creates a virtual point source that is easily manipulated with simple optics. The multi-channel design allows for independent control of various LED types to result in a programmable light source. Accented with green to emphasize LEDs’ environmentally friendly benefits, DiCon’s new website has information sections on microscopy and machine vision applications. Case study examples such as photo imaging can help the visitor better understand how to apply the products. With a support section that contains product manuals, software downloads, and product manuals, DiCon LED will continue to expand content and products to match the growing needs of the industrial market.For more information about DiCon LED, please visit www.diconled.com.

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