LumitexT replaces fluorescent in light box

Nov. 19, 2009
Date Announced: 19 Nov 2009 LumitexT, a Dutch manufacturer of LED illuminated letters and logos, introduces the LumiBOX LED strip as a direct replacement of fluorescent tubes in single, and double sided light boxes.A double sided light box with a size of 1 by 1 meter is fully illuminated with only one aluminium LumiBOX LED strip with 8 first class high power NICHIA LEDs. The aluminum strip is not attached to the back side of the ligth box, but at the sides to obtain a homogenous illumination.Recently, 350 sign boxes have been replaced in the city Amersfoort in the Netherlands by the companies Reclanet B.V., and Europe Sign Centre B.V.The energy consumption per light box has been decreased from 130W down to 15W resulting in a energy saving of 85%.Beside the energy saving it is also possible to save significantly on maintenance cost using the LumiBOX LED strip. Fluorescent tubes need to be replaced on a yearly bases, but this is now history with the LumiBOX LED strip. The material cost of the fluorescent tubes are only a small part of the total maintenance cost, and the major part is determined by the labour cost of the replacement. LumitexT has developed the LumiBOX in such a way that at an ambient temperature of 60 degrees Celcius the light intensity of the LEDs decreases roughly 30% after 15 years at 10 lighting hours per day.This makes the yearly replacement redundant resulting in very low maintenance cost. These two advantages in combination with the low price makes the pay back time of 2 year possible, and after 2 years the saving on maintenance cost, and energy cost are relatively large.Other important advantages are the better visibility of the advertisment message, reduced light polution, better vandalism proof, no mercury, and the quick assembly.The LumiBOX LED strip is based on molded LEDs, lenses, and electonics for optimal weather resistance. LumitexT delivers the LumiBOX in a number of standard formats, and customized formats are possible for projects. The LumiBOX LED strip, and the required IP67 power supplies comes with 5, and 2 years product warranty, respectively.

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