Glowble SSL introduces a prototype 35W Low Bay LED lighting fixture

Nov. 12, 2009
Date Announced: 12 Nov 2009 Birmingham, Alabama – Glowble SSL introduces a brand new low bay LED lighting fixture, an ideal replacement for HID and fluorescent low bay lighting. The 3000 lumen, 35W fixture is perfect for parking garages, parking decks, security lights, along with many more interior and exterior applications. The practical dimensions of the fixture (14” x 6” x 4”), along with a mere weight of 5lbs, allow for easy installation and/or retrofitting of existing lights. Technical Information Using state of the art LEDs, Glowble SSL’s new 35W prototype maximizes the lumen output per watt. In addition, an innovative power supply generates a power factor extremely close to unity, ensuring virtually the highest efficiency possible for LED lighting. Furthermore, a top of the line heat sink eliminates heat damage to all sensitive components and reduces interior energy costs by releasing much less heat than a mercury bulb, therefore reducing the energy consumption of HVAC units. Advantages of the Glowble SSL LED fixtures 1. Designed, produced, and manufactured solely in the United States 2. Come with a limited 5 year warranty 3. Lifetime expectance greater than 100,000 hours 4. Instant and knowledgeable customer support About Glowble SSL Glowble SSL is an emerging company that manufactures and produces solid state lighting. As a small company started to concentrate solely on LED lighting, Glowble SSL has a competitive advantage through strong customer relationships and years of experience in the solid state lighting industry. A potential customer should expect to find high quality LED fixtures created for practical applications and designed for a variety of residential and commercial lighting needs. Other Products Offered by Glowble SSL Glowble SSL presents an array of high bay and low bay options including the EF 200 (275W), EF120 (170W), the EF80 (110W), and the EF40 (50W). In addition, Glowble SSL will perform a lighting analysis to maximize potential savings while maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the property. Customization of any of the Glowble SSL LED fixtures, such as motion activation, reflectors, a unique color of light output, or housing design and color, is available upon request.

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