SemiLEDs introduces the new I-core LED chip

Nov. 6, 2009
Date Announced: 06 Nov 2009 Boise, Idaho – SemiLEDs is proud to announce the introduction of the new I-core™ (IC) LED, an innovative new chip that will be featured in SemiLEDs’ ultra-high-bright LED product portfolio. The release of the IC™ from SemiLEDs, a world leader in developing LED technology, demonstrates its commitment to creating customer focused, forward thinking solutions. The IC™ is the first product released in the I-core™ series of LEDs from SemiLEDs which are designed to provide further improvements in brightness, reliability and overall efficiency.The I-core™ LED features a sleek new design with new electrodes convenient for wire bonding. The advantages of the IC™ LED are realized in improved reliability which is delivered through the optimization of stress management for the chip at high current operation. The IC™ LED is not only more reliable, but significantly brighter as the creative robust design of the IC™ LED results in significantly improved light extraction. The advantages of the IC™ LED are further emphasized through SemiLEDs’ patented and proprietary MvpLED™ chip technology which features a vertical structure with a copper alloy base for thermal dissipation effectiveness. The results of the IC™ LED have been impressive as an optimized white light package, 40 mil I-core™ chip can deliver 120 lm/W, a significant improvement over its previous version.SemiLEDs plans to make the IC™ LED available in its ultra high bright chip portfolio in blue (white), UV and green. For more information on the new I-core™ LED or for information on any of SemiLEDs’ products please visit or contact [email protected].About SemiLEDs:SemiLEDs is a US based manufacturer of ultra-high-bright LED chips with state of the art fabrication facilities in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan. SemiLEDs specializes in the development and manufacturing of vertical LED chips in blue (white), green and UV using a patented copper alloy base. This unique design allows for higher performance and longer lumen maintenance. SemiLEDs high power MvpLEDs deliver over 110lm/W. In December 2008, The World Economic Forum recognized SemiLEDs innovations with the 2009 Technology Pioneer Award. Please visit or contact us at [email protected].

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