HPLighting unveils lighting-class 2828 Cu-substrate LED package

Nov. 30, 2009
Date Announced: 30 Nov 2009 -- Commercial lighting-class 2700K, 90 lumen/W, high CRI >90 was achieved by HPLighting in its 2828 LED package series for interior lighting applicationsThe world smallest lighting-class 2828 Cu substrate LED package was unveiled by HPLighting recently. With the subsidy from the Taiwanese Government Advanced Technology fund, the R&D of HPLighting had successfully developed a new proprietary patented technologies and automated packaging process to develop a cost effective series of high light efficacy and high CRI high power LED in pure warm white. This compact size 2828 (2.8mm x 2.8mm x 1.5mm), unlike PLCC lead-frame with high thermal resistance and ceramic substrate with high manufacturing cost, was designed with HPLighting’s patented metal Cu substrate package technology which offers customers not only higher light efficacy, higher thermal conductivity and excellent light quality, but also very competitive price/performance. 2828 LED Product Specifications:1. 2700K: 0.3W at typ. 90 lumen/W;0.5W at typ. 80 lumen/W, CRI>902. 5500K: 0.2W at typ. 110 lumen/W;0.6W at typ. 100 lumen/W, CRI>75The new 2828 series LEDs are perfectly suitable for interior commercial lighting, such as LED T8 tube without dark spots, kitchen under-cabinet, LED bulbs, spotlights with optical reflector, down lights and so on. The new developed optical reflectors are perfectly fitted with 2828 silicone dome lens in various viewing angle 25°, 35° & 55° for MR16,Par20, Par 30, Par38, AR111 & others spot light applications. In order to make customers easy to design high quality LED lighting products, HPLighting offers the turn key solution on how to use 2828 series LEDs and power module to make all interior LED lighting products as well.

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